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Olina Life's Quality Controls, Process and Capabilities - 8 steps to High Quality CBD

Olina Life products are grown and formulated under a proprietary multi-step process that produces the highest quality cannabidiol/CBD available.

  • Step 1: Our Hemp Farming, Plants and Soil

    Olina Life products are created from proprietary strains of CBD-rich hemp and grown in the US in soil that's full of nutrients. Our farms use state-of-the-art technology to produce consistent, high-yield CBD products that are safe and meet all regulatory standards for quality. Our strict guidelines enhance the quality of our hemp and ensure our products are safe, reliable and consistent, not to mention meeting and exceeding the regulations that govern their sale.

  • Step 2: Processing Raw Hemp

    Once harvested, our growers carefully dry and warehouse our hemp plants and then mill them into a powder in a process that maintains the industry's highest standards. The raw hemp powder is then shipped to our Colorado based facility.

  • Step 3: Exclusive Extraction

    Our proprietary extraction process preserves our plants' naturally occurring compounds, terpenes, flavonoids and phytocannabinoids to deliver the highest quality Broad-Spectrum hemp oil available. We optimize CBD's "entourage effect" by ensuring we retain the organic, naturally-occurring ingredients that work together to support the Endocannabinoid System.

  • Step 4: Separation Process

    We use CO2 as part of our distillation process but completely remove it from the final product. The CO2 is recycled and used for other distillation.

  • Step 5: Refinement and Removal of THC

    As an added and important measure, Olina Life takes extra steps to remove any THC that may still be present. THC is the chemical that's responsible for the "high" some people associate with cannabis. Our proprietary technology goes a step further since we eliminate THC as well as excess solid materials like waxes, pigments, chlorophyll and other toxins. As evidenced by our lab reports, the end product contains no detectable THC.

  • Step 6: Third-Party Lab Testing

    Olina Life is committed to providing full transparency about its products and extraction process. Each and every batch of our product goes through extensive quality control procedures to ensure the contents are exactly what appears on the labels. Each batch is tested by an independent third-party for potency and volume in order to ensure the ingredients shown on our labels are what ends up in the final product including the terpenes, fatty acids, phytonutrients and, of course, cannabinoids. These independent 3rd party labs follow strict FDA guidelines to review each ingredient, confirm its presence and volume in each batch and to ensure that the products are THC free and that no contaminants and toxins, such as presticides and solvents, are present.

  • Step 7: Proprietary Technology

    Olina Life uses a proprietary nano-emulsion process to reduce the size of the particles that comprise our SoftGel products. This process enhances the body's ability to absorb key compounds in our Softgel oils that makes our Softgels at least twice as bioavailable as competitive products. While our process shrinks the hemp particles in our Softgels to 25 nanometers in size, competitive products carry particles that are as much as 100 to 1000 nanometers which are much harder for the body to absorb efficiently.

    Olina Life also applies a distinct proprietary technology that results in our water-soluble hemp powder used in our Dog Treats. This water-based formula is more easily absorbed by our pets.

  • Step 8: Supply and Inventory Controls

    Olina Life is able to continually maintain inventory of its products and keep up with demand without running out of product. We have the resources, financial support and support operations needed to maintain inventory so that you, our customers, never run out.

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